Maynooth FAQ

Please read the following FAQ for help.

NON Maynooth University students should provide two academic references and copy of transcripts, and if necessary, English Language competency. Copies of originals must be certified as true copies.

SUPPLEMENTARY FORMS: Please note that there are additional supplementary forms to be downloaded and completed for certain taught postgraduate programmes. If applicable to the programme(s) you are applying for, supplementary forms will be highlighted (with the Course Code) for downloading after the payment stage of the application in the N.B Read Important Instructions Box.

Prospective research student should have made contact with supervisor/departments prior submitting their application form.

Maynooth University students SHOULD ONLY provide details of two referees.

NON Maynooth University graduates should anticipate being asked for two referees-at least one of whom must be an academic referee. If you have graduated some years ago and are unable to get an academic reference, a professional reference may suffice.

If you are still waiting on exam results (transcript), then send this in to PAC on receipt. We recommend that you send in all supporting documentation as soon as possible as, in some instances, a programme director may not be able to review your application until it's complete. If your documents are late, it will not negate your application: however, an early review of your application may not be possible without this extra information.
This varies from programme to programme. You should anticipate being asked for two referees - both of these must be academic referees. If you have graduated some years ago and are unable to get an academic reference, a professional reference may suffice.
If a particular programme has not been filled by the closing date, late applications will be considered.
In general, 4 to 6 weeks after the closing date.
The online application fee (using a debit or credit card) is €50.00. The online application processing fee is payable to PAC and is non-refundable.
Yes, applicants can partially complete the additional questions for a course choice and click on SAVE ANSWERS and return to complete them later. The ADDITIONAL SUPPLEMENTARY questions are final once the applicant agrees to proceed to the payment option of the online application. In addition to saving the additional questions answers, the applicant should also save the first page of the online application before exiting the application completely (see FAQ 4 above). To return to complete the application again, applicants login to PAC and click on Application Status and select Continue application.