Please look through the following topics to see if they cover the issue you are having. If not please contact us at or on +353 91 549260

Applicants using webmail email addresses, please note if you have the high junk mail filtering option in your email account, emails from PAC and (Name of College) may be flagged as Junk. You will need to either reduce the Junk mail filter or else add PAC ( and (Name of college) (College email addresses) as two of your safe senders.
No, you must complete an online application. You will need a working email address to use this facility as all correspondence with regard to your application will be communicated to you by email. If you do not have access to a personal computer or at work, maybe try a relative or a friend. Internet facilities should also be available at your local library or at an Internet cafe.
It is important to use an up to date browser. Please note that Internet Explorer will NOT work and that Microsoft no longer support it and recommend not using it at all.
You will receive an email alert from PAC to check your application status (on the “My Applications” section of the online application system. It is vital that you give the correct email address on your online application and that your email account is working. It is also important that you check your email regularly.
After you have submitted your application fee payment details on the online application system, you must print the Application Receipt. The Application Receipt page will include your PAC application Number. You can also log onto the PAC System, and select My Applications, Your complete and incomplete applications will be displayed here.
Applicants experiencing difficulties making an online application can contact the PAC at
Postgraduate Applications Centre,
5 Mary Street,
Tel: +353 91 549260
If you wish to cancel a particular course choice on your postgraduate taught application there is a cancellation facility on your PAC Application Status Web Address: Logon to the PAC system using your email address and logon password Select Option : My Applications facility To view current application status, click on View, if it is possible to cancel or withdraw your application you will see either a withdraw or cancel option here.
You fill in an online application form and then upload documents (electronic copies to PAC).
Yes. The first page of the online application form, with the exception of entering a College student number, must be filled in. After this point your application can be saved at any time by clickinig the ticking the save option at the bottom of the page. Thereafter, to complete your application you have already saved, go to the “My Applications” section of the online application system and select the Continue option for your Incomplete application
You will receive an email confirming receipt of your online application from PAC in Galway. If there is a Supplementary Application Form to be completed for the programme(s) you have applied to, a link will be included in the Receipt Email from PAC to download and print the Supplementary Application forms.
Please click log in and select the forgot password option

By selecting the `Apply` link along the menu at the top of the page, you will be redirected to either log on to your existing PAC account or alternatively register on the PAC system.

To Register a User Account:
1. select the ‘Register’ button on the Right Hand menu on any page on the PAC system.
2. You will need to provide an email address and password for your account.
Please ensure that the email address is one that you will continue to have access to, college emails are not recommended. You will then be asked for some basic information in order to create your account.

Once logged in, please select the type of programme you wish to apply for and you will be redirected to the start of the application form.

Each Institution`s application form is slightly different but the basic information required remains the same. You are required to provide some additional personal information, details of your previous qualifications and sometimes experience to support your application. Sample screenshots of the application form can be seen under each Institution`s FAQ section. You can save your application form at any time in the process and return via the "My Applications" when you are logged into the system.

Each Institution will have a set of supporting documentation required in order to enable them to process your application. You will be notified of what these documents are during or at the end of completing the application form.

Documents will include Result Transcripts if you graduated from an Institution other than the one you are applying to, proof of EU status in the form of a birth cert, photocopy of passport, etc. Specific programmes may also require additional documentation just for that programme. To submit your documentation must upload it directly to the system via the My Applications page. To upload documentation, you must log onto your PAC account, click on "My Applications".

Documents MUST be in a clear format, be of good quality and a readable size. Poor Quality/unreadable documents will seriously affect the assessment of your application.

Documents must be: * a valid doc/docx/txt/pdf/pjpeg/jpeg/jpg/gif/png/rtf file * no bigger than 5mb in size

An additional programme may be added to your completed application, if there is space available. There is a maximum of 3 programmes per application type (taught/research etc) per institute.

To add an additional programme, you must log onto your PAC account, click on "My Applications". Click on the "Status" button.

On the bottom left hand side of the page, there is a box "Additional Programmes", click on the link and follow the instructions for adding a new programme.

Note: A programme can only be added if the closing date has not expired and if there is space available on the application.

Note: If you have applied for the maximum number of courses and wish to change a course, please contact the Institute that you have applied to.

You can track the status of your application at any time via the My Applications section of the website. Here you can upload any additional documentation you require as well as view the current status of your application.

Your application is processed by the Institution you have applied to and all correspondence on the status of your application will come from them via the PAC system.

Once the status of your application changes you will receive an email notification telling you to sign in to the My Applications section.

It is very important that you keep monitoring your emails for any updates as the Institution may need you to respond to a query in a timely manner in order to continue your application.

Postgraduate Applications Centre Ltd.
5 Mary Street,
Tel: +353 91 549260

Please note office contact hours for the Postgraduate Applications Office are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays.

The length of time that an offer will be issued, varies from institute to institute. You must contact the institute directly regarding the status of your application.

Certified as True may be obtained by bringing the original document and a photocopy to your University/College, Garda Station (Local Police Station), Solicitor,Courthouse, or Commissioner of Oaths, and having the photocopy certified and officially stamped as a true copy of the original. Photocopies that are not certified will not suffice. Please note that these documents will not be returned.

Result Transcript is a copy of a student`s permanent academic record, which usually means all courses taken, all grades received, all honours received and degrees conferred to a student.

Personal Statement is a brief and focused essay about one`s career or research goals, and is frequently required for applicants to universities.

General covers any other document that you wish to upload that is not included on the list, for example: reference, cv, etc

Press PrtScn, located on the upper right of the keyboard. (To take a screenshot of a single window: Alt + PrtScn.)

To create a graphics file: Open "Paint". Paste screenshot (Ctrl + V). Save file. This file can then be added as an attachment to an email.

Hold down Command and Shift, and press 3. This captures the entire screen and saves it as a file on the desktop. The file can then be added as an attachment to an email.